Let biodegradable straws replace the plastic ones

   The pollution caused by plastic straws   

     More than ten years of plastic use time leads to serious environment pollution for both lands and ocean. There are many animals died because of eating plastic as food. I remembered i have saw a sad video about a poor turkey who has accidentally sucked the straw into its nose.But fortunately it has been found by the wildlife rescuer and they helped to get the straw out. It is such a long and strong plastic straw. The turkey kept struggling in the whole rescue process. I believe that everyone has been touched after viewing this video.

Use biodegradable straw to replace the plastic one

    Nowadays,people are getting to aware the harmness plastic to the environment.And there are many replace things have appeared.Let us make the biodegradable straws as the example. To replace the plastic straws,we have produced paper straw,bagasse+PLA straw,PLA straw,reed straw,wheat straw and so on. All of them can be 100% biodegradable in a short time. Even the animals have eatten the biodegradable straws by mistake,they can be biodegradable and won't hurt thier health. What's more,their price are not high. 

    Above all,people can totally use other biodegradable straws to replace the plstic ones. Let us move to protect the nature and poor wildlife!

biodegradable strawsbiodegradable straws



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