Utilization and development prospect of bagasse

Utilization and development prospect of bagasse

Part one

Bagasse is used as environmental protection material; Papermaking and recycling. At present, there are mature technologies to use bagasse as a substitute for wood to produce paper cups, paper meals and other drinking utensils. Among them, 100% bagasse pulp is used as the fully degradable paper agricultural mulch, which can be recycled for paper making and can be naturally degraded to solve the problem caused by the use of polystyrene tableware for many years

Part two

Production of fuel alcohol and ethanol; In the 1970s and 1980s, the bagasse in China's sugar factories was mainly used as fuel for the sugar factories to burn or discard, and the economic value of this utilization method was very low. Cellulose in bagasse can be converted into sugar to produce alcohol or feed yeast.




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