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Chiran Group Established in 2005,we are leading supplier of disposable,biodegradable paper and plant starch tableware in China.Our products include disposable paper cup,PLA cup, bagasse plate,Bagasse clamshell,bagasse tray,bagasse bowl,Bagasse cup,cornstarch cutlery,cornstarch plate,cornstarch clamshell,cornstarch tray,cornstarch cup etc. All products meet the requirements of environmental protection and the food standards of EU and FDA.

Our professional factory with strong technical background has more than 40 middle and senior professional and technical personnel. The product technology is leading the level in China. We are committed to providing efficient service and the most competitive products for our customers. At present, we have exported to many regions, such as Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, America. Also, we have already promoted globally and strived to build global trade. So we are completely trustworthy . Hope to reach a deal with every compatriot, please don't hesitate to contact us. We sincerely look forward to working with you!

disposable paper cup

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